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TEXCOMS WORLWIDE is a used textile machinery dealer with a commitment to provide quality pre-owned, second hand, refurbished textile machinery and we are the leading player in the textile marketplace providing a wide spectrum of solutions for existing textile operations as well as emerging firms and prospective investors. Primarily based out of Indonesia, we have offices in Asia (India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Dubai), South America (Brazil) we have carved ourselves a niche in the rehabilitation of textile plants, in addition to trading textile machines and procuring raw materials such as fibre and valued added yarn and fabric.

Built on the combined experience of its professionals, we boast of an excellent workforce and promise consistent performance in all our undertakings and operations.

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Used Textile Machines
The expertise gained over the years enables us to source and offer machines customized to the specific needs of our customer. The machines are chosen after understanding the unique situations of the individual customer.
Textile Management Consultancy
Textile operations are capital-intensive and involve obtaining major part of the investment from financial institution in the form of debt capital. Businesses caught in the downward cycle may face a hard task of meeting its financial obligation.
Yarn & Fabrics
Our marketing experts manage demand for your product by creating awareness among the right customers, whose needs can be met by your product. We choose and offer an extensive range of fibre, yarn and fabric.

“Our mission is to help our clients become the leader in their business. We are member of companies.”


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Mr. Ade Sudrajat Inviting everyone for ITMF 2017 – Bali, Indonesia
The Indonesian Textile Association (API) Chairman Mr. Ade Sudrajat Inviting everyone for ITMF 2017 - Bali, Indonesia while addressing in ITMF 2016 - Jaipur, India.