Texcoms: Women behind Texcoms

Being an entrepreneur is a big challenge. 25 years ago I stepped on foreign soil, with my wife and young son. At the time, the thought of becoming an entrepreneur was a huge challenge. I started off as a working-class man, who came from a humble family, with no financial support. Only the sheer will and determination to achieve my dream was the only source of fuel that propelled me to where I am today.

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Can innovation accelerate circularity?

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Let’s talk about recycling. The new dimension of achieving circularity

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Get ready to embrace traceability in the supply chain: The right approach to sustainability

Traceability and transparency in the textile supply chain are some of the most essential foods for thought of the moment in the industry now. With the environment at stake, it is now on the industry to change its ways of manufacturing in order to reduce its effect on the climate.  Traceability is one of the […]

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