Short Fibre Content in Cotton Is It The Next Big Challenge for Spinners? Continued Part 2

Fibres below 12.5 mm in length neither contributes to quality or strength of the yarn. The higher presence of Short fibres in roving becomes a nightmare for spinners particularly when we face problems for minimum number of fibres required in the cross section to spin a particular count.

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Short Fibre Content in Cotton Is It The Next Big Challenge for Spinners?

We have been witnessing a steady increase in the Short fibres in the cotton being traded and supplied in the recent times. Is this the next big problem the cotton spinners will be facing after decades of issues related to contamination? At least we have partially solved the contamination issue with various initiatives both in farming, Ginning and spinning side.

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COVID-19 : Impact on the Textile Economy & Strategic Priorities During & After the Lockdown

Textile mills must make efforts to understand the changing global context and consider macroeconomic indicators while formulating operations strategies. This article is an effort to highlight the source and kind of economic indicators that must be observed to gain insights in to the evolving market context.

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Preventive Maintenance of your Weaving Looms

After the long standstill period due to COVID-19, Texcoms Worldwide with its expertise recommends the following preventive maintenance of your weaving loom to get the maximum efficiency and reduce the downtime.

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