Textile Career Mapping and How to be a Worldwide Textile Industrialist

Over a three hundred students from the Politeknik Sekolah Tinggi Teknologi Tekstil Bandung (STTT) were present Saturday April 13th 2019 to attend ‘Studium Generale’ as one of the events of the Ministry of Home Affairs BEM KM (Student association) Polytechnic. Studium Generale is an activity in the form of public lectures or seminars that address topics apart from their academic studies, this is intended to add awareness into students especially in the field of textile science and forming human resources who are experts in their fields.

The theme of Seminar is “Textile Career Mapping and How to be a Worldwide Textile Industrialist ”

Students who are in the final level of graduation and soon will enter the practical world needs to be directed in the right path in order to develop characters and (with) insights for mapping their future career. Moreover, there’s an immense need of understanding on how to become textile graduates who are experts in their fields and are easy to get jobs (being an industrialist) and able to compete at the national and international level.

STTT invited Mr. P. Boobalan, President Director Texcoms Worldwide, and Mr. Raja Guru Raja, Director Texcoms Textile Solutions, to share their experience, knowledge and give in depth insight of today’s textile industry to STTT Polytechnic students.

Mr. Boobalan had a wonderful presentation starting by giving the textile industry’s over view impact globally and on Indonesian market, consumption trends. Living in Indonesia for more than 25 years, Mr. Boobalan have an advantage of speaking Indonesian language that paved right into minds of students.

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