Texcoms: Women behind Texcoms – Penned by Mr. Boobalan, Founder & CEO

Being an entrepreneur is a big challenge. 25 years ago I stepped on foreign soil, with my wife and young son. At the time, the thought of becoming an entrepreneur was a huge challenge. I started off as a working-class man, who came from a humble family, with no financial support. Only the sheer will and determination to achieve my dream was the only source of fuel that propelled me to where I am today.

First 5 years of my career in Indonesia, I have often shared my dreams with my wife. We as a family decided to leave that comfortable job, and start our entrepreneurial journey, exactly 20 years ago. I was fortunate enough that my wife was thoroughly supportful not only with verbal affirmations, but she took it upon herself to look after the family while I was not around. This along with numerous other sacrifices she made, whether it be comfort, money, and even the ability to cherish time as a family. The fact that I can still go back home and feel the same sense of belonging, warmth, and accomplishment are all thanks to the phenomenal work my wife has put into making my family what it is today.

The journey of entrepreneurship has been very challenging yet me and my wife cherished every moment. Looking back on our journey it is fulfilling and from a retrospective point of view, leaving that comfortable job 20 years ago was truly worth everything. But I am also happily growing alongside my wife who trusted in me and my dream.

As husbands and entrepreneurs building businesses, My business partner Mr. Thaker and I were never able to focus on any personal needs for the family. This meant that even Mrs. Neepa Thaker, (Thaker’s wife) who I treat like my own sister had to tread the same sacrificial path that my wife endured for the same dream that Thaker and I wanted to achieve.

These ladies have done a wonderful job during our absence while we were traveling and working. Now our children have grown up and they carry themselves with pride for tackling life independently. Some have also decided to work full-time for the growth of Texcoms. All credit goes to these wonderful women. We would be lost without them and I show my utmost gratitude to both of them.

To our suppliers and customers, we are a professional team but at the core of it all, we at Texcoms are a family.

Even to this day, our wives have been so involved with growing our business. Recently I started feeling that I am not able to spend time building the team and enhancing the spirit of team members. But my wife Anita has accepted to fill that gap by taking over the position as the People Empowerment Officer and I am very happy that she has started delivering results at a great speed and essence. Mrs Neepa Thaker is working on finding the right role which is closer to her heart and I am waiting to welcome her soon to our team.

The love, affection and Trust from both these lovely women have helped me and Thaker and Texcoms as a whole to achieve what we have accomplished and hence put us in this privileged position that we are currently in today. They have been instrumental in building our personal and business relationship with most of our suppliers and customers throughout the world and it is the right time to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to them on behalf of me and Thaker and also from the whole Texcoms family.

I would also like to thank all the women at Texcoms as I can only imagine the amount of sacrifice that you have put into building your family and our business. You were there for me throughout our journey, and I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart.


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