Texcoms and Sercomatex – A Great Experience in Spain

We are happy and proud to extend our hands with Sercomatex, one of the most reputed organization in representing new textile machineries and specialize in renovating the used textile machineries. Based in Spain, their commitment to serve customers through their technical expertise and reconditioned used machines made them excel and establish themselves as a promising organization, even though Europe is expensive to maintain such warehouse facilities that Sercomatex has. Their extended service is also obtained by large number of consumers in America. Sercomatex earned international acclaim through their hard work and determined focus towards progression.


From left: Boobalan (Texcoms), Luis Serra (Sercomatex), Jibu (Texcoms), Jose Maria Serra (Sercomatex) and Jordi Serra (Sercomatex; Seated)

Founded by D. Jaime Serra Poncet in 1961, Sercomatex has always been upgraded with well-informed technologies in textile industry. The legacy is now being managed and developed by the founder’s heirs.

It was a pleasant and industrious experience to meet the proprietors Armando Serra, Jose Maria Serra, Luis Serra and Jordi Serra in Spain. Driven towards serving the community of textile manufacturers, be it on small scale or a larger one, they provide a great deal of enthusiasm and inspiration. Our association with Sercomatex would be another commendable milestone in our journey.

Reconditioned Roller Cards

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