Preventive Maintenance of your Weaving Looms

After the long standstill period due to COVID-19, Texcoms Worldwide with its expertise recommends the following preventive maintenance of your weaving loom to get the maximum efficiency and reduce the downtime.

Step 1Voltage Stabilizer
Check the Voltage Stabilizer for the recommended voltage before switching on the Loom Supply, if any variation please rectify.

Step 2: Cleaning
Clean the complete machine with compressed air pressure (air should be dry) remove fluff and clean the Electrical Panel thoroughly. Clean all the lubrication points on the loom.

Step 3: Lubrication
Do the Oiling & Greasing of all the lubrication points on the Loom, Harness, Cam box, Dobby, Jacquard. Check oil level of the Loom oil tank, CAM Box, Dobby, Jacquard Gear Box. Greasing is very important as it dries out.

Step 4: Maintenance
Replace any Mechanical spare parts, Bearings that may need an attention.
Few maintenance areas that you should consider are Gear box and drive gears, Motor belt, Timing belt

Step 5: Cold Start of Loom
Preheat the Loom Panel with dry hot air (you can use a hair dryer) before you switch on the supply. Check all connectors & cables for any loose connections. Keep the Electrical Panel ON for some time before inching.

1. Please clean Dobby / Cam Box remove fluff from it. Then clean, the oil filters with normal air pressure.
2. For Cam boxes, Stop the machine in an un-level position (this will avoid leveling related problems).
3. For dobbies, select all down design.
4. Release the warp beam tension for cam box and dobbies.
5. Please clean completely the under motion with compressed dry air pressure.
6. Put some oil drop on DRC 10 rod and connectors. (do not put any excess oil otherwise, it can create the reverse effect)
7. Cleaning & Greasing of complete under motion till the old dry grease comes out from bearings.
8. Before the start-up of the machine, please check the oil level of the cam box and auto-leveling unit.
9. For dobbies, kindly select plain weave for all units and make inching for few picks to lubricate all the jack levers before startup.
10. Before starting up the cam box & dobbies, open the cover and put some oil on the important parts.

1. Please clean all jacquard machine fluff and fluff from harness if any.
2. Kindly stop all jacquard with all down design and at zero degrees of Jacquard.
3. Release warp tension of the beam.
4. While re-starting the jacquard machines, kindly do the greasing on all the points including Cardan shaft till old grease come out and make inching step by step for few picks and then actual running. Magnet heating may require on CX, LX1600 & LX3200, LX3201machines.
5. Check oil level in jacquard and gearbox & install all the covers.

(Recommended for CX 860, CX960,CX1060, CX870, CX880, LX1600B, LX3200, LX3201, DX80,DX100, DX110,SX, LXE, LX1602, LX3202,LX3072, LX4096, LX5120, LXL6144, LXL8192, LXL12288 electronic Jacquard machines)

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