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A research hub that demonstrating our expertise in tackling complex textile business challenges faced by the worldwide textile companies.

Texcoms Worldwide a company that is an acknowledged expert in the textile reinvestment market has emerged as a leader in the textile industry across Asia & Africa as a trusted associate for textile businesses.

Its expertise at identifying quality used textile machinery places it among the front-runners of the textile machinery relocation and restructuring business. Its track record of successful textile plant relocations sourced from across the globe for clients in Bangladesh, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Vietnam and South Africa has helped it garner trust and reputation as the leader in the field.


An eye for detail, sound strategy and over 300 years of cumulated work expertise ensure that your investments in the textile space spin profits for you.

Texcoms Worldwide was initially established with the main motto of service to the textile industries using the knowledge of the team and the needs of customers in Indonesia and Bangladesh. The strength of the service team helped it offer cost-effective solutions by sourcing used machines (experienced machines as we proudly say). This resulted in a faster return on investments for all the customers. This excellent service motive and the customer’s choice made them branch out faster into various segments of the textile industry.

The company currently provides a number of solutions, right from the valuation of textile business to relocation of the complete Spinning, Weaving, Dyeing-Finishing and Knitting plants from all over the world to different countries across the globe.

During the purchase of second-hand machines, clients are very sceptical as to whom, either OEM or agents, would provide after-sales and service solutions.

This has been one of the key points of Texcoms Worldwide. Where it provides complete solution from layout, installation, commissioning and transfer of knowledge. The company has set up electronics repair stations in Indonesia, Malaysia and Bangladesh to test and certify the quality of the circuit boards and other related devices before supplying to the customer.


President Director

Boobalan is a textile technologist, globally ambitious and spirited entrepreneur, started carrier as a professional textile technologist in the home country India. Served in leading textile mills in southern India for more than two decades before moving on to first overseas venture in Indonesia. While serving in Indonesia, spotted a business opportunity for a requirement of professional textile service companies. Having spotted the opportunity, immediately joined as a partner of a professional textile service firm.

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