Indian Textile Technologist Recognised In Latin America

Dr. Shanmuga Sundaram, a renowned Indian textile technologist has been conferred with Doctor of Advanced studies, Honorary degree by Latin American University, Universidad Azteca in a convocation function held on 30th may 2019 in Mexico.

Universidad Azteca is affiliated with Centro de Estudios Superiores Azteca. The private university was established in 1984 and recognized by the federal Secretary of Public Education (SEP) of the United States of Mexico in 1987.


Based on the recommendation of the Board of Trustees and Governing Council of the Confederation of International Accreditation Council (CIAC) of Asian branch and by scrutiny along with approval of their Board, Director and Chair International programs of Azteca University has granted the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Advanced Studies in the field of Production and Operations Management as mark of Dr. Shanmuga Sundaram’s profile under high repute with splendid performance in the field of professional growth.

Dr. Shanmuga Sundaram has a Degree in Textile Technology from PSG college of Technology, Coimbatore. He is an expert in Textile manufacturing through 39 years of experience. He had done research and published textile technical articles which were widely followed in the textile industry.

He had served for a stretch of 20 years in Malaysia, Turkey, Senegal and Indonesia where revived the textile manufacturing units into prosperity. Currently for a decade he is heading a multinational textile company as President-Manufacturing operations in Hassan, Karnataka. He had played a pivotal role in establishing world’s largest Textile spinning mill under one roof in his present responsibility.

Dr. Shanmuga Sundaram had also been awarded The Great Manager Award-2016 by Times- ascent & People business in the ‘Senior Leader1 Category during a function organised by the award committee in Mumbai during September 2016.

Besides his industrial life, he is involved in creative writings of self-improvement quotes and poems in English and Tamil to motivate and mentor leaders of today and tomorrow Many of his followers have become leaders in textile industry in India and abroad. He is also a self styled researcher in exploring the influence of mind over the brain.
Mr. Shanmuga Sundaram
Dr. Shanmuga Sundaram had attended the Graduation Ceremony -2019 in Universidad Azteca campus at chalco Estado de Mexico,in Mexico on 30″‘ May 2019 and bestowed with this honorary Doctorate in the hands of Dr Ricardo Saavedra PhD, Director and Chair International Programs.

Few words from our CEO Mr. Boobalan, “Being a personal friend of him, I feel very proud of his achievements and such international recognition would inspire the younger generation textile experts”.

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