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Preventive Maintenance of your Weaving Looms

After the long standstill period due to COVID-19, Texcoms Worldwide with its expertise recommends the following preventive maintenance of your weaving loom to get the maximum efficiency and reduce the downtime.

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Regression Model Development For Showing Relation Between Mechanical Yarn Stretch (%) in Sizing and Warp Yarn Breakage (CMPX) In Looms Using Anova Model

Mechanical yarn stretch (%) in sizing process is amongst one of the process control parameters affecting warp yarn breakages in looms. For assessing the level of significance of the treatment factor on the response, ANOVA analysis

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TTS helps to revive the Nigerian Textile Industry

TTS (Texcoms Textile Solutions) will provide the complete Technical consulting services in this ground breaking project which will be a keystone for revival of the textile industry in Nigeria. NCS has signed a contract at ITMA 2019, Barcelona Spain

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