Segment wise growth trends in Textile & Apparels (2019-2020)

Textile and clothing industry has been the second worst impacted industry after travel and tourism, recording a whopping negative growth of 41% in the first 4 months of 2020. Some categories have witnessed worse performance than others, but the whole industry has been feeling the brunt. Only the category under ‘others’ managed to be in […]

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Textile Based PPE- Exports 2019 Vs 2020

Among the COVID affected industries, Textile and Clothing is some of the worst affected.  Calendar Year 2020 (Jan-Apr) has witnessed contraction in the international trade of more than 20%. At the same time, some product categories have seen unprecedented demand. One such category is textile based PPE. This product group has recorded month on month […]

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Impact of COVID-19 on Top Textile & Apparel Exporters of the World Country Jan-Mar 2019 Jan-Mar 2020 Year to date(YTD) change Value Share (%) Value Share (%) Value value (%) share (%) China 54.5 44.4 44.7 48.0  -9.8 -18 3.6 Germany 9.8 8 6.5 7 -3.3 -33.6 -1 Bangladesh 10.3 8.4 7.7 8.3  -2.7 -25.7 […]

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Short Fibre Content in Cotton Is It The Next Big Challenge for Spinners? Continued Part 2

Fibres below 12.5 mm in length neither contributes to quality or strength of the yarn. The higher presence of Short fibres in roving becomes a nightmare for spinners particularly when we face problems for minimum number of fibres required in the cross section to spin a particular count.

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