Impact of COVID-19 on Top Textile & Apparel Exporters of the World Country Jan-Mar 2019 Jan-Mar 2020 Year to date(YTD) change Value Share (%) Value Share (%) Value value (%) share (%) China 54.5 44.4 44.7 48.0  -9.8 -18 3.6 Germany 9.8 8 6.5 7 -3.3 -33.6 -1 Bangladesh 10.3 8.4 7.7 8.3  -2.7 -25.7 […]

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Regression Model Development For Showing Relation Between Mechanical Yarn Stretch (%) in Sizing and Warp Yarn Breakage (CMPX) In Looms Using Anova Model

Mechanical yarn stretch (%) in sizing process is amongst one of the process control parameters affecting warp yarn breakages in looms. For assessing the level of significance of the treatment factor on the response, ANOVA analysis

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Global Cotton Textile Industry – An analysis TTS presentation at the Indian Cotton Conference

Factors such as increasing concern towards the adverse impact of synthetic fibers combined with the growing emphasis on reducing the usage of plastic-based materials are expected to fuel the growth of the Cotton Textile Industry.

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Cotton Management System & Process Control: A Case Study

Cotton determines about 60 to 70 per cent of yarn manufacturing cost, working performance and desired yarn quality. Cotton procurement system and cotton sampling and testing methods are an integral part of the manufacturing process. This article highlights the authors experience and challenges in setting right the cotton management in toto to achieve the objective improve yarn quality and productivity in a large spinning mill.

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