Effect of Spindle Lift in Ring Frames on Productivity and Energy

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How digitalization will help to increase production

How digitalization will help to increase production Benefits of investing in new technology for the Apparel Industry Digitalization has become the way of life for many people and a game-changer for many industries, especially with the pandemic making us hit a rock bottom.It has helped businesses, from retailers to multi-brands to sustain themselves in their […]

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Cotton and Products Update

In the Covid-19 pandemic year, the cotton value-chain, like others, has faced unprecedented disruptions. The industry was expected to have a decrease in the production and consumption owing to the Covid restrictions. Yet the cotton textiles supply chain in India has shown resilience, as the cotton consumption in the country during 2021-2022 is expected to reach around 26 million bales which is at par with pre-Covid consumption levels.

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Blowroom Processes and Variety of Machines used in Blowroom

Textile industry carries out immense complex processes right from preparing yarn which is a raw material for fabric to a variety of processes to produce finished fabric and after processes like fabric printing etc. Blowroom is one of the important operations in textile manufacturing. The blowroom carries out different processes to open and clean cotton […]

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