Textile Supply Gap in Africa

Africa is staring at significantly large supply gap if textile capability is not built-up now. 
The rising population and per capita consumption means either Africa should invest on developing a continental eco-system now or must resign to dominance from the Asian behemoths for decades to come.

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TTS: Helping Revive the African Textile Industry

Once home to a vibrant textile industry, Nigeria lost its competitiveness to global headwinds. However, armed with a new zeal to regrow the industry, the government is taking essential steps to inject life back into the industry.

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‘African Textile Industry: Strategy & Operational Excellence’ at the ITME AFRICA

Africa has been on the backstage for far too long. It’s time the continent claims its rightful share in the global textile and clothing business.
TTS is convened a Knowledge session/Panel Discussion on ‘African Textile Industry: Strategy & Operational Excellence’ on 15-Feb-2020 at the ITME AFRICA.

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Knowledge Sessions at ITME Africa

The sessions will have a presentation by industry experts followed by a panel discussions, throwing the subject open for candid inputs, comments and thought-provoking discussions.

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