Rieter – Order Intake, Sales, Profit

For more than 225 years Rieter has been a powerful driving force in the global spinning industry and its sales numbers serve as ‘Health Indicators’ for the spinning industry.

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Cotton and Products Update

In the Covid-19 pandemic year, the cotton value-chain, like others, has faced unprecedented disruptions. The industry was expected to have a decrease in the production and consumption owing to the Covid restrictions. Yet the cotton textiles supply chain in India has shown resilience, as the cotton consumption in the country during 2021-2022 is expected to reach around 26 million bales which is at par with pre-Covid consumption levels.

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Besides Demand, Apparel Exporters faced Counterparty Credit Risk

The COVID pandemic has had a particularly harsh impact on the garment sector. Expenditure on clothing has plummeted to an all-time low as people spend more time at home, thus putting apparel brands and retailers at risk. As the value chain is spread around the globe, the sector has been impacted around the world and particularly in India.

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SEZ / EFZ / FTZs Investment Benefits Turkey

Turkey, which enacted its Free Zone Law in 1985, operates 18 active free zones and has one more under development. Located on the coast or within easy access to ports, the zones are designed to promote classic export-oriented manufacturing investment.

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