A Complete Fleet of Offerings for Textile Businesses

Diversified Products and Services

The expertise gained over the years enables us to source and offer machines customized to the specific needs of our customer. The machines are chosen after understanding the unique situations of the individual customer. The machines are then inspected, dismantled, packed, shipped, installed and commissioned. The complete package earned us the nickname, suppliers of “experienced machines”.

Rayon Fibre

We represent Rayon Fiber “Fulida” from China for the supply of the best quality, cost-effective Rayon Fiber available today.


We also represent a leading Indian cotton supplier from Gujarat, Patidar Exports, and offer high quality Indian cotton, Sankar-6.

The production and consumption locations are different and far away, at times. The producer hardly knows what the customer needs, similar to the customers, who are not aware of the better products available at different locations. Textile demand is seasonal and extremely cyclical, and products often tend to pile up at the producer’s end.

Our marketing experts manage demand for your product by creating awareness among the right customers, whose needs can be met by your product. We choose and offer an extensive range of yarn and fabric to customers across the globe. The yarn and fabric production is monitored and quality-assured by our in-house quality experts. The right products at the right price meeting customer needs are sourced and delivered.


Fibre, Yarn, & Fabric


Textile Machines

A wide range of inventory available at our conveniently located warehouses offers customers a choice to select the right machines.

The warehouses are secure, insured and equipped to handle the extensive inventories of machinery and spares.

Purchase and sale of used textile equipment (called experienced machines). Our machines come with the knowledge, experience and expertise of the whole team.

Dismantling experienced machinery in a proper manner and re-packing them like new machines have helped spark a new trend in the industry and aided us with branding our team and the company as a whole.

It’s our strength and defined logistics network that helps TEXCOMS WORLDWIDE achieve large turnkey projects at a quick turnaround time.

The effective and transparent process of valuing plants aid our clients, individual customers, financial institutions and insurance companies to achieve their targets.

An expert team of professional engineers install and commission the machines at record time and at the best cost.

We offer complete maintenance and management of electronic systems. State-of-the-art electronic labs in Indonesia and Bangladesh help in servicing and repairing electronic items cost-effectively.


Textile Machines and Operation Management


Restructuring and Rehabilitation Programs

Textile plants are capital-intensive. Meticulous planning, execution and on-time completion of the project avoid cost overruns. Planning projects in different countries offer benefits as well as challenges. Our project planning experts implement the project in a meticulous manner. We help you choose a right location for the plant, understanding your needs and maximizing benefits.

Managing textile operations effectively involves a complete understanding of the value chain. the complex textile operations involve excellent coordination among various teams, namely, finance, marketing, human resources, procurement and production. Failing to manage any one of these functions effectively can cost the company. OUr techno-commercial specialists manage the entire spectrum of operations and achieve desired results.

Rieter Ring Frames of the year 1982 is running at 19000 rpm in a plant at Ahmedabad, India, operated by our management consultancy division.

The Industrial Revolution in the UK during the 1800’s started with establishing textile operations following the invention of the steam engine. Since then textile operations have shifted to various locations in Europe, America, and Asia.

Labor, power, capital availability and the climatic condition of a region influences the location of textile businesses. Our global presence and firsthand knowledge can help you find the right location to establish your business. We aid you right from disbanding and shifting the machinery through to assembling and operating the venture successfully.

Textile operations are capital0intensive and involve obtaining a major part of the investment from financial institutions in the form of debt capital. Businesses caught in the downward cycle may face a hard task of meeting its financial obligation. Our financial experts help promising companies sail smoothly to reap benefits during tough times.

Financial institutions saddled with non-performing assets will have to dispose assets at a throwaway price or accept the loss. Our operations, financial and marketing experts aid you in reviving the operations to full potential. The revived operations can later be sold to eligible buyers to recover all the investments.

State-owned enterprises requiring substantial support from exchequer are a constant source of burden. Our experts help you to revive and manage the operations on behalf of the state, or investments can be recovered by partly or fully privatizing the business to suitable investors.

Changes in textile fashion are constant. Companies should be prepared to produce goods which are in current demand. Failure to change and adapt can leave the company behind.

Our global presence helps us understand the current trend and aids companies to produce and benefit from developing new products.

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