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You can ‘count on us’ to ensure that your textile enterprise operates at optimum efficiency

Texcoms Worldwide is a leading player in the textile marketplace, providing a wide spectrum of solutions for existing textile operations as well as emerging firms and prospective investors. Primarily based out of Indonesia, they have carved themselves a niche in the rehabilitation of textile plants, in addition to trading textile machines and procuring raw materials such as fibre, yarn and fabric. Built on the combined experience of its professionals, they boast of an excellent workforce and promise consistent performance in all their undertakings and operations.


The continuous innovation and consistent performance is the key to trace the history of Texcoms Worldwide.

Started by a team of technocrats serving the textile industry, Texcoms Worldwide is today a fully integrated consulting, technology services and outsourcing company with a clientele comprising leading national international companies across the world. Its purpose of the association is to help optimize growth and production for clients int he worlds textile marketplace.


Texcoms will strive to be the world’s leading brand connecting buyers and sellers in textile machine space. Companies end to end capabilities from fiber to fabric and from trading to consulting will provide customers with best in class products and services enabling customers business to grow and sustain.

Texcoms believes we are successful if our clients are successful. Solving clients hardest problems needs talented people and out-of-box thinkers. We shall provide a platform for people to thrive and excel.

Texcoms will build businesses and platforms that reward our shareholders with steady and consistent returns.


To become the gold standard for one stop source solution provider for the textile industry.


Customer Centric

Integrity, Fairness & Honesty

Trust, Transparency & Openness


Focus & Team Work

Equal Opportunity: For Employee’s growth and Success


Texcoms Worldwide endeavours to empower players in the textile industry by bridging various links in the value chain to optimize profitability. It aims to deliver transparent and professional service quality while ensuring the highest levels of confidentiality when working on client assignments. It also purports to ensure sustainable and consistent operational efficiencies achieved at optimal costs and in the process, raises standards of client companies to new age industry norms.


Texcoms Worldwide has a reputation for consistent performance and transparency of work procedure, that has helped them attain a strong foothold in markets across the globe.

It is known for its competence at providing a comprehensive, vital and value-appropriate information to clients, which enables vertical and horizontal industry coordination that leads to business growth.

Texcoms Worldwide is driven by a team of professionals, with each one having more than 25 years of experience in the textile industry.

Its strategy is to deliver the optimum return on investments that continuously strives to exceed customer expectations.


We enable our clients to see the true potential of their operations and ensure they realize it. Our experts are present with our clients at every step of their organization’s journey through implementation and help them identify new opportunities to pursue them successfully.

We are unique in many ways, from our international, highly educated and experienced staff to our approach toward problem-solving. The textile industry is cyclical and structural changes can affect it. We spot the trends early on and help our clients navigate through tough times; sustain and excel.

We offer a wide range of services and solutions to organizations in the textile industry. Our core competency lies in our ability to help businesses maximize revenue, generate growth and develop a sustainable, competitive advantage  through our individualized solutions.

Unparalleled Expertise in the Industry

High Technical Competency

Economical Solution Providers

18 Years of Exceptional Excellence


  • A professional team comprising senior management executives, associates and specialized engineers from around the globe contributing to the group turnover of USD 32 million.
  • Liquidated and relocated 3 million spindles, 1400 looms, 12 sets of a complete range of Dyeing Finishing machines, spanning different countries, such as USA, Mexico, Canada, Germany, Greece, Italy, Switzerland, Poland, Belgium, Spain, China, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.
  • Installed and commissioned many stenters and Printing machines.
  • Installed and commissioned 1.5 million spindles in India, Indonesia and Bangladesh.
  • Seriously pursuing Africa as a future textile marketplace and taken up a rehabilitation program in Ethiopia.

What We Do?


Moving Textile infrastructure – East to West

Texcoms Worldwide expertise comprises understanding client requirements, sourcing ideal machinery, onsite inspection by experts for machine competence and life, dismantling, packing, shipping – reinstallation and commissioning of the rehabilitated plant at another location. The convenient location of Warehouses equipped to handle extensive inventories offer customers the choice to select their ideal machines backed by the expertise of a team of experts who will advise client companies of the best-fit equipment for their operations.

  • Good inventory of Machines in strategic locations across the globe
  • Sourcing capabilities that match client needs
  • Dismantling Packing and moving infrastructure at ease
  • Service locations that ensure minimum downtime of textile operations

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Enhancing value through yarn and fabric sourcing

Yarncoms expertise in yarn and fabric trading is hallmarked by its ability to be at the right place at the right time and source the right product for the right price for its global clientele.

An extension of our service is the quality assurance provided by our in-house quality experts who monitor yarn and fabric production to ensure that there are no compromises in the quality we deliver.

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Manufacturing excellence from fibre to fabric

    • Benchmarking & Rehabilitation
    • Management Contract
    • Turnkey Project Management
    • Investor Services
    • Relocation of Complete Plant

Texcoms Worldwide competence stands the test of time for its reputation to ensure that its end-to-end services in plant valuation, machine commissioning, electronics management, project planning and implementation, operations management and relocation capabilities because of their reputation as a valued partner who understands and bridges the value chain of textile operations with the highest standards of transparency and professional service quality. Operational efficiencies achieved at optimal costs ensure peak profitability for the stakeholders for which they hold the Texcoms Worldwide partnership in the highest esteem.

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